Malle Taylor

Malle Taylor was born on March 5 in Estonia. In 1956 she received her Reg. nursing diploma TWH. Taylor started painting with EKKT on King St. in 1956. From 1953-56 she took evening courses (oil painting) at Central Technical School. In 1960's Ontario College of Art, life drawing and interior decorating, evening courses.1969, B.Sc. NSG U. of T. In 1970's at Toronto Board of Education "Tempera painting" and Royal Conservatory of Music, evening courses.

1990's - Toronto Board of Education, Swansea Town Hall, classes in watercolour painting. Received Certificate of Merit in 1999.

1991-1999 - took evening classes at Swansea Community Centre in oil painting and watercolours.

1997 - Watercolour workshops with Sonia Day.

Exhibitions: Exhibits four times a year at Runnymede Public Library, Swansea Town Hall, twice a year. EKKT exhibits at Estonian House-Gallery with other artists, i.e. Sonia Day in 1998. Studio at home.

Works in private collections. Resides in Toronto, Ontario.

Sündinud 5. märtsil Eestis. 1956.a. lõpetas halastajaõe diplomiga TWH. Samal aastal alustas joonistamist ja maalimist EKKT-s King St.-l asuvas klubiruumis. 1960-ndail õppis Ontario College of Art'is õhtukursustel joonistamist ja sisedekoratsiooni. 1969.a. saavutas BSc. NSG Toronto Ulikoolist. 1970.a. õppis Toronto Board of Education'i juures tempera-maalimist, Royal Conservatory of Music'us võttis õhtukursusi.

1990-ndail õppis Toronto Board of Education'i päevaklassis Swansea Town Hall'is vesivärvitehnikat, omandades kiitva tunnistuse.
1991-1999 õppis Swansea Community Centre'is õhtukursustel õlimaalimist ja vesivärvi.

1997.a. vesivärvialane workshop Sonia Day juures.

Näitused. Esineb neli korda aastas Runnymede Public Library's; Swansea Town Hall'is kaks korda aastas. Esineb ka EKKT näitustel Eesti Majas. Vahel esineb koos teiste kunstnikega nagu Sonia Day (1998.a.). Stuudio on tal kodus. Täid mitmes privaatkogus.