Ann R. Uusoja

Born July 5, 1954 in St. Catharines, Ontario, the only child of Estonian parents. Art lessons, along with Estonian cultural activities began at an early age and continued through university. Graduated from McMaster University in Hamilton Ont., with a B.A. in Fine Arts Studio and Art History.

Drawn by the beauty and strength of the West Coast landscape, Ann moved to Vancouver in 1976.

Highlights of the 70's and 80's include extended travel around the world, a 2-year period at UBC resulting in a Teaching Certificate and courses in the Masters Program in Art Education, and several years' employment at BC's Children's Hospital. As a Child Life Specialist there, she focused on the therapeutic effects of art on hospitalized children.

The decision to develop her own art came in 1988, starting with immersion in pottery for a couple of years and resulting in silk painting.

Silk captures her fascination because of its intense response to colour. It's a powerful medium which provides a sensuous way of adornment and which appeals to a wide audience. The paintings can be hung on a wall or worn as art.

Symbols play an important role in her imagery. Not only do they stimulate the imagination, but they transcend time, language, and culture. Communication is made possible by the universality of symbols.

By interpreting these ancient symbols in a modern way through the use of vivid colours, bold juxtaposition and strong linear composition, primitive memories are stirred. By touching on these chords, she hopes to bring attention to a belief system that revered the Earth as a sacred body and treated her with respect.

Artistic History:

1989 to 1998:

Established UUSOJA Designs, Hand-painted silk scarves, ties, wall-pieces and commissions Work sold in the following galleries: National Gallery, Ottawa, Ont.
Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Ont.
Dunes Gallery, Prince Edward Island Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba Circle Craft Gallery and Crafthouse Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.
Out of Hand Gallery, Victoria, B.C.
Commissions include banners for the Sechelt Public Library, Sechelt, B.C. and private collections Participant in major craft shows in Victoria, Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa and Calgary

1989 to 1991: Assistant Set Decorator on various film productions 1984 to 1989: Child Life Specialist at B.C. Children's Hospital, Established and ran therapeutic art programs for hospitalized children 1980 to 1982: Eaton's Department Store, responsible for advertising for toy dept. for 20 stores in B.C. and Alberta Member of EKKT in 1999.

Education: Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fine, Arts Studio and Art History, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ont., 1976 Professional Teaching Certificate, University of British Columbia, 1983 Masters courses in Art Education, U.B.C. 1983-84

Sündinud 5. juulil 1954 St. Catharines'is, Ontarios Eesti vanemate ainukese lapsena. Kunsti hakkas õppima varakult. Lõpetas McMaster Ulikooli Hamiltonis BA (Fine Arts Studio, kunstiajalugu) kraadiga.
1976.a. kolis Vancouveri. Omandas 1983.a. Briti Columbia Ulikoolist õpetaja ja meistri kutse kunstiõpetuse alal.

1984-89 oli Child Life Specialist B.C. Lastehaiglas, kus korraldas terapeutilise kunsti programmi haiglas olevatele lastele.

1989-91 oli lavastusdekoraatori assistent mitmes filmis.

1989-98 asutas firma Uusoja Designs. On müünud töid National Galeriisse, Ottawas, Ontario Kunsti Galeriisse, Torontos, Dunes galeriisse, Prince Edward Island'il, Winnipegi Kunsti Galeriisse, Winnipegis, Manitobas, Circle Craft Galeriisse, Crafthouse Galeriisse, Vancouveris, B.C.-s, Out of Hand Galeriisse, Victorias, B.C.-s. EKKT liige alates 1999.a.