Alfred Karu

Born on June 8, 1919 in Kartna, Estonia. Lived in Finland from 1943-48; arrived in Sweden in 1948 and immigrated to Canada in 1951.

First studied art under the guidance of well-known artist O.
Kangilaski in Viljandi, Estonia. Furthered his studies in 1944-48 at Free Art School in Finland (Viitala, Kaipiainen, Oja, Puikonen) and later continued his studies in Sweden.

Exhibited with the Society of Estonian Artists in Toronto (1956-57, 1959, 1961 and 1990). Has exhibited in numerous individual and group exhibitions in Toronto since 1954. Had two exhibitions in Finland and Sweden before immigrating to Canada. Exhibited in Uppsala College, East Orange, New Jersey, USA (1957), Estonian House in New York (1959), Esto '72 in Toronto, Esto '84 at the O'Keefe Centre in Toronto. Was invited to exhibit by the City of Hamina Finland in 1997.
The exhibition was very successful.

His works have appeared in various art magazines including EKKT's 1966 Art Album, EKKT 1956-1990 Art Album, many periodicals and catalogues.
Works are in many corporate and private collections in Europe, Canada and USA. Died in 1999.

Sündinud 8. juunil 1919.a. Kärtnas, Eestis. Elas Soomes 1943-48; jõudis Rootsi aastal 1948 ning lõpuks Kanadasse aastal 1951. Oppinud O. Kangilaski juures Viljandis ja Vabas Kunstikoolis Soomes aastal 1944 (Viitala, Kaipiainen, Oja, Puikonen); hiljem täiendanud end Rootsis. Kaks näitust Soomes ja Rootsis. Esinenud paljudel grupi- ja ühe-isiku näitustel Kanadas ja USA-s alates aastast 1954, Torontos, EKKT näitustel (1956-57, 1959, 1961, 1990), Uppsala College'is, East Orange, New Jerseys, USA-s (1957), New Yorgi Eesti Majas (1959), Esto '72 Torontos ja Esto '84 O'Keefe Centre'is, Torontos. Tema töid on trükitud EKKT 1966 Kunstialbumis, EKKT 1956-1990 Kunstialbumis, mitmetes ajakirjades ja kataloogides. Töid on ka paljudes ühinguhoonetes ja privaatkogudes. Suri 1999.a.