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Otto Rannamäe

1917 - 2013
The Thrower
Ann R. Uusoja

Landscape 2
Viive Kersti Jaason

Maritime Shores
Mary Mannapso

Erich Lokbik

1922 - 2011
Tõnu Naelapea Ex-Libris
Aarne Hans Vahtra

1940 - 2011
Benita Vomm-Molder

1908 - 2005
Murphy's Still Life
Hugo Valter Silberberg

Uno Prii

1924 - 2000
Tulips #2
Malle Taylor

Lightning Strike at Darwin Bay, Australia
Jaak Jarve

born 1956
Sunrise From an Airplane
Valve Jaamul

First Frost
Margi Taylor-Self

Cave Dwellers
Ann R. Uusoja

In The Forest
Alfred Karu

1919 - 1999
N.Y. Central Park
Arville Puström-Uus

1921 - 2014
Traces of Ancient Life Forms
Osvald Timmas

Purple Iris
Malle Taylor

Lady With Hat
Viivi Jaanimagi