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Early Morning at Lake Erie
Jaak Jarve

born 1956
Evening Sky After the Storm
Valve Jaamul

Fog Lake, N.W.T.
Riho Pild

1938 - 2008
Sunrise From an Airplane
Valve Jaamul

St.Andrews by the Sea, N.B.
Olja Müller

Deportation of Estonians to Siberia
Alfred Karu

1919 - 1999
Hut In The Forest
Riho Pild

1938 - 2008
Times Gone By
Eha Luik

Sun Bird
Ted-Tiit Põdra

Straw Effigy
Peeter Sepp

1935 - 2007
Water Wall in Ontario
Eha Luik

Sunset at Orr Lake
Valve Jaamul

North Ontario
Alfred Karu

1919 - 1999
Richard Sööt

1903 - 2002
Questions of Comparators
Helle Rakfeldt-Leetmaa-Klepp

1941 - unknown
Red Plums
Anne Tori

Here, You Can Have It
Peeter Norman Mallo

Waterfall in Vermont
Mary Mannapso

Linda Landre