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Otto Rannamäe

1917 - 2013
Polar Winds
Peeter Norman Mallo

Randy Stefan
Elva Y. Palo

As Time Goes By
Ted-Tiit Põdra

Jaak Jarve

born 1956
Raoul Rohusaar

1922 - 2004
Old Town Tallinn
Ellen Männapso

Mary and Angel
Eha Luik

College of New Rochelle
Hugo Valter Silberberg

White Irises
Linda Landre

Vision of Ice Breakup
Uno Prii

1924 - 2000
Linda Landre

The Frosty Evening
Felix Kalle

1922 - 2000
Evening Sky After the Storm
Valve Jaamul

Canadian Voyager
Olja Müller

Blossom of Hope
Helle Rakfeldt-Leetmaa-Klepp

1941 - unknown
Passionate Memories
Urve Arrak

1938 - 2011
Tulips #2
Malle Taylor

Artist's Model
Hele Gelzins