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The Two Brothers
Monika Uesson-Talpak

Prof. Paul Saagpakk
Ants Erik Vomm

1931 - 2003
Seated Woman
Iris Urve Pääbo

Pastor Jaan Nuga Ex-Libris
Aarne Hans Vahtra

1940 - 2011
Hope Is Our Future
Mai Reet Jarve-Vomm

Sunset at Orr Lake
Valve Jaamul

Richard Sööt

1903 - 2002
The Last Waltz
Benita Vomm-Molder

1908 - 2005
Deportation of Estonians to Siberia
Alfred Karu

1919 - 1999
Rosemont Poplars
Tarmo Aun

Farm's Fields in Winter
Viivi Jaanimagi

Artist's Model
Hele Gelzins

Old Man
Ene Falkenberg

1914 - 2003
Maritime Shores
Mary Mannapso

Raoul Rohusaar

1922 - 2004
Old Tallinn
Ellen Männapso

Vision of Ice Breakup
Uno Prii

1924 - 2000
Lady With Hat
Viivi Jaanimagi