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Ants Erik Vomm

1931 - 2003
Erich Lokbik

1922 - 2011
Sun Bird
Ted-Tiit Põdra

Polar Winds
Peeter Norman Mallo

Aarne Hans Vahtra

1940 - 2011
Leaves in the Wind
Hans Moks

1923 - 2011
In The Forest
Alfred Karu

1919 - 1999
Hele Gelzins

The Windmills of Saaremaa
Felix Kalle

1922 - 2000
Portrait of an Artist
Viivi Jaanimagi

Mountain Goats
Linda Landre

Still Life
Inda Subi-Sabatini

Old Lauk
Ellen Männapso

Salme Soovere

1912 - unknown
Uno Prii

1924 - 2000
Muhu Slippers With Brooch
Harry Nurmet

1909 - 2009
Linda Landre

Composition on a Flower
Hilda Truupere

Vilma, Mother-In-Law
Monika Uesson-Talpak